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Re: Raid 5 expansion query on ML530G2

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Raid 5 expansion query on ML530G2

Hi there
Could I check the logic of this project with you please?

I have an ML530 G2 (Win 2k server), 6i controller, that is currently operating as a file server.

Currently this is supporting a RAID 5 configuration of 4x 72.8GB drives. As regards the O/S this is split into 2 partitions (O/S and data)

I want to add an additional 2 72GB drives to the existing array.

The steps I envisage taking on this are as follows:
-Add the drives
-Use the Array Config Utility to expand the array, and extend the logical drive

After this has completed (any ideas how long this may take?) - the new space will appear as unallocated space in Disk Manager. At this point - use diskpart to extend the data volume to include the new space.

I have not converted the disks to dynamic - they are basic. However, I believe that diskpart will cope with this.

Anything I have forgotten or overlooked?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Raid 5 expansion query on ML530G2


Could you set up your new configuration ?
If yes, has your process been the right ?

I will add 2 new disks to my RAID 5 array so I'm interrested in your experience.

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Re: Raid 5 expansion query on ML530G2


I'm away from work at the moment so have not added the space yet. Any further confirmation to my original post welcomed.
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Re: Raid 5 expansion query on ML530G2

First off what SP level is your Win2k server at? It really needs to be at SP4 if you want to ensure no problems. It sounds like you have the basic steps down already, but here is a quick rundown:

*note always have a good full backup before starting any major data restructuring such as this.

1) Install new drives into server
2) use ACU to extend the existing RAID 5 set
3) download diskpart from MS website
4) goto dos prompt and run diskpart.exe
4) use "list disk" command; make note of the disk# you wish to extend
5) use "select disk x" where x is the # of the disk you wish to extend
6) use "list volume" command; make note of the volume# you wish to extend
7) use "select volume x" where x is the # of the volume you wish to extend.
8) use the "extend" command to extend the volume.

This will add the new free space to your 2nd volume, data, at the end of the disk.

Leave your disks basic, there is no need to ever run dynamic, blah.

As far as time is concerned the biggest time factor will be the extend operation from adding the 2 new drives to the existing RAID5 set. Honestly I don't know how long that will take, it all depends on how busy the server is. The diskpart operation takes just a few seconds.