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Raid 5 question

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Raid 5 question

I have a ProLiant ML350 G3 server with a Smart Array 532 Raid Controller running RAID 5 with three 36 GB disks. Is it possible to add a fourth disk to the array and will the system recognize it and add the data and parity info to it? Or do I have to rebuild the array from scratch? I'm trying not to have to reinstall the OS. Thanks!
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Re: Raid 5 question

You can hot add a disk to the array.
You can do it on.line.

You must use the array configuration Utility.

Physically install disk (Hot).
Open ACU.
Choose existing array.
Choose Expand array
Add the new disk.
Now the new disk will be added, and the data will be redestribute the data, so all disks will be used.

You now have new unused space on the RAID.

So now you must choose.
1. Extend the existing Logical drive.
2. Create a new Logical drive.

If you extend the drive. The logical drive will grow - Do ensure that the OS can handle that.
If it's windows. You will see new unused space on the disk in disk manager.

If you create a new logical disk.
Device manager will see a new disk.

I recommend to read the ACU userguide.


Read Modifying an existing configuration.


Re: Raid 5 question

Thanks gregersenj - that's a lot of good info to read up on. I printed out the doc and will give it a shot.
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Re: Raid 5 question

You're Welcome.

Do read carefully.

Also, study how the OS handle it.