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Raid 6 Array won't rebuild drive

Chuck Slabaugh
Occasional Contributor

Raid 6 Array won't rebuild drive

We have Windows Server 2008 with 8 drives running in a Raid 6 Array.


One drive failed and I replaced it, but it will not rebuild it. Diagnostics shows read errors on drives 5 and 7.


What's worse is I cannot get HP Data Protection Express to create a disastor recovery image (ISO file or to a CD/DVD). It erros IMMEDIATELY saying it cannot create the file or if you choose the CD/DVD it cannot find the CD/DVD drive.


Backups show 100% in DExpress, but I cannot create recovery CD.


Please help with Data Protection Express in creating CD or ISO file.


I am worried about our data. Backups are 100% but I have no recovery CD.


The drive configuation is a primary drive that contains Windows Server 2008 with a <C> drive and an <E> drive. The <E> drive contains 3 Virtual Servers.


The ADU report says Parity Initialization Failed. I am including the ADU report.


Any suggestions regarding getting this problem resolved (chkdsk /r ?) or getting HP Data P.Express to create a recovery Cd would be much appreciated.


Thank you.