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Raid Configuration on Netraid 1Si

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Edmund Schurnik
Occasional Contributor

Raid Configuration on Netraid 1Si


i have an E800-Server with a Netraid 1Si and 6 18GB-HD in it.
Now i will do this:
For the OS (Win 2000 Server) i will create a Raid-1 with 2 of the 6 Disks.
The available 4 Disks should be configured as 2 logical drives with 36GB each. Then the 2 logical 36-GB-drives should be mirrored.

Can I do this with the Netraid 1Si or did i need a raid controller with more channels???

I hope, you will understand my bad english.
Pleasd help me - if possible in german.
I'am a private freak
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: Raid Configuration on Netraid 1Si


I'm answering in English, my German is much worse then you English is (can try Niederlandisch but don't think that will be a succes).
What you want to is possible.
First you have to create a RAID-1 (mirror) of 2 disks for the OS.
Then you create another RAID-1 of 2 disks and select the option Spanning to be CANSPAN.
Finally create the last RAID-1 of 2 disks also with CANSPAN.
This will give you 1 RAID-1 of 18GB Netto and 1 RAID10 (stripeset of mirror sets) of 36 GB netto data.

Let me know if you need more detailed instructions.

Good luck,