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Raid Recovery

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Raid Recovery

I am using HP NetServer 2000r with HP NetRaid-1M
I had RAID 5 configured on this server. 3 hard disks forming the Raid and the fourth one HotSpare.
When I look at the RAID configuration utility, I see only A0-02 drive as online. The Hot spare is not at all visible and the other two hard drives are reported as failed. When I try take out these hard drives and plug them in another Slot in the server/The server has 6 hot plug interface with 1-4 counting from the bottom being occupied i.e original configuration/ slot 5 and 6 I am able to see one of the hard drives as not responding i.e A0-00. But the other two the hotspare one and the A0-01 as READY. I think what happened is when A0-00 failed the server started RAID rebuild and power must have inturrpeted the rebuilding process. If I return the hard drive A0-01 in the place where it had been plugged I see it as failed. So I put it in anohter slot and wanted to change Array 0 to include this drive which is plugged not in its original place so that A0-1 and A0-2 can work in RAID 5 with degraded performance, this is what would have happened if there was no HotSpare disk in the server. If what am saying is making sense could you let me have any utility or advice you to help me resolve this problem.
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Re: Raid Recovery

OK. #1, the 1M had problems to begin with. Make sure you have the lastest Firmware.
#2, Be more historical. The server failed one day? you looked and this is what you found? A0-00 and A0-01 are failed A0-02 is online still, the hotspare (A0-03) is no longer in the displayed configuration (as you remember it), not even shown as "Ready" and not configured.
you removed A0-00, A0-01 and A0-03 and put them in the 2 open slots you had mixing in the 3 drives. the drive you removed form A0-00 never response in any shelf, while the other to do come up ready. Is this close?
If it was me I would try to put things back where they were and see if you can get it to at least get the RAID5 back in a degraded form, assuming the A0-00 reports failed and you can get A0-01 to report "Online" after reinserting. But if you can't get at least 2 of the drives to report "Online" in the shelfs they were in, all is lost. The controller will not be able to recover the RAID because it conpletely failed (2 drives went bad) You must not have had the alarm on to notify you and the RAID continued to fail.
As a last resort you could try and start over to recover the RAID with a new configuration but I think with the one drive not responding that would be impossible for the contoller to configure, including the failed drive, because it can not even read the configuration data from it and this would not work either.
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