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Raid Wipe Procedure

Jim Bella
Occasional Visitor

Raid Wipe Procedure

When two drive in a RAID array are swapped, does the system wipe all the drives or only jumble the index? What product(s) or procedure(s) can be used to securely wipe the drives clean. The particular system in question is a Compaq Proliant 1500 Server. General information welcomed!
Jim Bella
Honored Contributor

Re: Raid Wipe Procedure

Hi Jim,

If swapping drive does not wipe the raid at all because the server has a driving roaming feature.

If you are planning to wipe out your raid configuration you have two choices
1. Boot the server from a smart Start CD ver 5.5 or less and use the earse utility
2. Download the earse utility from this link

Choose you Operating system and under "Software Storage Controller" download the "Compaq System Erase Utility" and follow the instruction in the same link to erase the RAID configuration you currently have in the disks

Amha Kassa