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Raid lost configuration

Vasily Kamenev
Honored Contributor

Raid lost configuration

I put to new hards to my raid(Compaq), before was 2 hdd in mirror. After configuration a new partition in new hdd I restarted my Windows 2k server and Raid controller store only new partition - I lost my main partions. Is it possible restore my old configuration in Raid controller ? Is anybody can help ?

Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: Raid lost configuration

If you did the same thing as you mentioned then i think you are just missing something
b'coz the raid card is not supposed to lose the configs so easily.
In every RAID controller there is a option of making the partition(i.e. Disks) active
In you case you might have made the new disks (Partition) active so please login in to the RAID card at the boot time and change the active disk value.


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