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Raid1 + Novell + Dos Stations only... need help!!!

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Raid1 + Novell + Dos Stations only... need help!!!

I have an HP E800 with a HP NetRaid 1M card and 2 18Gig had drives under raid 1.. works great!!!!!
But now i need to find a way to POP UP and warn my users the one of my Hard drives has failed, i wont be running any windows machines at that location, only 5 dos clients and that's it....

Is there any way to make the novell server broadcast a message to all users or something like that?????

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Re: Raid1 + Novell + Dos Stations only... need help!!!

Hi Carlos,

You can use "rconsole" on the terminal you are using and then broadcase whatever you want to display on the other nodes. To do that from the novell console, at the ":" prompt type broadcase "your message over here" and press enter. This will display the message on all the nodes and users are required to press cntrl+enter to clear that message. If you are on a node, you can run "rconsole" and you have an options to broardcast over there.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Raid1 + Novell + Dos Stations only... need help!!!

Thanx Sanjay but that doesnt really help me...

The server will be on a remote loaction running on a very small intranet (video store rental) where no one knows anything about computers...

I just read about MEGAMON and am ahaving some trouble understanding how to use it....

Here's how the server will work :

1- I set up the raid server and load the customers/movies database here at the office

2- I send a tech to install the server and stations at the store

3 And it the HD fais I just want them to know that the server has any DISK problems so that they can warn me about it......

BTW this is my first NOVELL RAID SERVER so sorry if i might seem a litlle lost :(

Geez and to think that putting upa a raid 5 on a lc 2000 under y2k was so much easier.....

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Re: Raid1 + Novell + Dos Stations only... need help!!!

You might want to consider HP Top Tools, it is free from HP and provides notification of hardware events such as these.