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RaidManager - two instances on the same host


RaidManager - two instances on the same host

Hi all

I have to configure horcmanager on one host to manage BC on XP arrays.
On my P-VOLs running production database which will be copied to S-VOLs.
If I want to manage BC from one hosts (i.e. backup hosts) should I have to access to P-VOL and S-VOL (and CMD for sure)? Or maybe I should have access only to command device for performing BC tasks.
In pfd I found below info:

Instances can be on the same or different host systems. The host that is running the instance must access
the volumes to which it is linked and have access to a disk array command device for the disk array.

For me it is clear. Bu i am little confused because HP engineer gives me other information.

thanks for an advice
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Re: RaidManager - two instances on the same host

yes, the command devices are needed to communicate with XP arrays via RM... to do the all the BC interventions like horctakeover, etc. Therefore they need to be created on the respective XPs and then presented to the appropriate host group (and certainly also the host needs to be zoned with the XPs)
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