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Re : Implementing 4Si card to sc10

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Re : Implementing 4Si card to sc10

Can someone please advice if this can be done. I have a L-Class Server, a SC10 storage, a 4Si controller card. Currently there is 4 harddisk on the storage configure to raid 5. I bought an additional 4SI card and a additional bcc controller and additional 4 harddisk. Can I hook up the second bcc to the new 4SI card and configure raid 5 with it. Also, if it can be done, will there be any impact on my existing raid configuration.

Please help adn advice urgent !!! Thanks
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Vincent Farrugia
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Re: Re : Implementing 4Si card to sc10


Yes, it can be done.

Make sure that you configure your SC10 in SPLIT BUS MODE. This is the only way that your SC10 can handle the 4Si card with 2 BCCs.

You do not need an additional 4Si card actually. You can connect your BCCs in your SC10 to 1 port each on the 4Si, leading to using 2 ports in 1 4Si. Your 4Si's ports are independant SCSI controllers, so you can do this quite effectively.

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