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Read error while rebuilding disk array

Mike Carlson_3
Occasional Advisor

Read error while rebuilding disk array

Server configuration: ML350G2, SmartArray 431, both with firmware updates from Feb 2005 firmware CD. Windows 2000 Small Business Server.
Three disk RAID-5 array with a failed disk. When the disk is replaced, the rebuild runs and then fails, with the following error in the Windows Event Log:

Source: CPQDAEN Event ID: 4127
Recovery of logical drive 1 on the Compaq Smart Array Controller in slot 6 was aborted. An unrecoverable read error occurred while rebuilding the hard disk drive with ID 1 on SCSI port 1. The hard disk drive reporting the error is ID 2 on SCSI port 1.

This is followed by events indicating that the array status is back to ready for recovery. It will try to recover again if rebooted, but will fail with the same error.

Immediately before the rebuild fails, there is a series of cpqarray2 timeouts in the event log.

ACU shows that array status as waiting for rebuild, with no failed drives indicated.
Devender Khatana
Honored Contributor

Re: Read error while rebuilding disk array

Hi Mike,

it appears that alongwith the disk with ID2 what you have replaced there are some media error on Disk at ID1 also. That is why it is giving timeouts at Disk with ID1 when rebuilding. First take current backup and you may require to reconfigure the array after replacing the second disk also.

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Mike Carlson_3
Occasional Advisor

Re: Read error while rebuilding disk array

Thanks. Confirms what I expected.