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Ready for Recovery in HP ACU

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Ready for Recovery in HP ACU

We have had a disk outage on one of our servers, which we replaced with a spare working disk.  However the HP ACU software is stating that the Logical Volume is "Ready for Recovery" and it appears that it will not rebuild the failed disk.  I've attached the Array Diagnostics Report, any help/info/pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Ready for Recovery in HP ACU

Further info on this, I've removed and re-seated the failed disk in the enclosure, which prompted the controller to attempt to rebuild the disk. At ~94% the rebuild stopped and the status went back to "Ready for Recovery".  I have also noted that upon a reboot we are greeted with:


Select "F1" to retry Automatic Data Recovery
Select "F2" to continued without starting Automatic Data Recovery


I select "F2" to boot as normal, if I select "F1" what is the likely outcome? will it try to attempt Data Recovery out with the OS? (e.g. will the server be offline for x amount of hours?) Is their a potential loss of data or volume issues if we attempt this option?  I can't find any good supporting information that explains what exactly will happen when I select "F1" and if there is any possibility of ending up with an un-usable system?


Any help/info greatly appreciated.