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Re: Rearranging enclosures in EVA8100

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Rearranging enclosures in EVA8100


There is an EVA8100 in a production environment. It has a main rack with a 2C10D config. and a expansion rack with a 0C6D config.
On the main rack besides the 2 controllers and 10 disk enclosures, HP has put a server and two san switches. So the config. on the main rack is like this:

server+2switches (top)
6 disk enclosures
2 controllers (HSV210)
4 disk enclosures (bottom)

Now the customer wants to upgrade the eva8100 with the last two supported disk enlosures and I'm supposed, by the book, to add this two disk enclosures to the main rack. This means that I have to take off the servers and switches to make room for the enclosures and to rearrange all the enclosures like this:

6 disk enclosures (top)
2 controllers
6 disk enclosures (bottom)

Will this affect the data on the system? If anyone has a better idea of doing this upgrade please suggest it.

Thanks a lot
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Rearranging enclosures in EVA8100

No, the EVA identifies the disks by their WWID, not their physical position.

You could power off the EVA, remove all disks, insert them back in random positions and nothing will happen.

In your case the difficult part is to make room on the rack for the two new disk enclosures.
Once they're installed, connect them to the loop switches.


(can't find this doc on HP web any longer)
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Rearranging enclosures in EVA8100

All disk drives that belong to disk groups are tagged with metda-data information about their position in the disk group. An EVA also stores its configuration on at least 5 different disk drives and, if possible, in different enclosures.

I've reconfigured a number of EVA systems (even moved disk drives between enclosures) without any data loss.

Of course it is a good idea to take a full data backup and save the EVA configuration with SSSU.

Re: Rearranging enclosures in EVA8100

Thanks both you guys for your replies. I'm now sure the data will be ok, that's all that matters in the end.