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Rebuild Information needed on P6x00

Occasional Contributor

Rebuild Information needed on P6x00

Hi Experts,


One more from me... :)


Does Anyone have any “real-world” experience with 2TB rebuild times on the p6x00?


Please understand that I very well acknowledge the fact that there are several factors that determine rebuild times. I just wanted to get some times from the community, for comparison purposes only...


Any help is MUCH appreciated... And Kudo'd!!! ;)




Re: Rebuild Information needed on P6x00

Its really depend on several factors as you stated, the main factors are


Howmany drives in that group

Howmuch is Disk occupancy on that Disk/Disk Group


Generally FATA/SATA drives rebulid is very slow and i used to see sometimes a day to 2-3 also takes for levelling



I work for HP