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Rebuild fail on NetRaid 3si

Keith Gabel
Occasional Contributor

Rebuild fail on NetRaid 3si

LC2000, Netraid 3si, 3 Ultra3 18.2 gb 10k disks (internal cage). Disk #1 fails, and before it is replaced, a disk #2 fails also. Disk #2 is placed back online, system boots up fine. Replace cable to hot swap cage with twisted pair part# D852063026. Upgraded netraid firmware (C.02.03) and replaced disk #1. Upgraded firmware on all disks. (don't know the version yet - this all occurred at one of our remote sites) Manual rebuild to new disk fails. Any suggestions on how to get a good rebuild? Is it possible an automatic rebuild may succeed - I have seen some tech notes that manual may fail and auto may not, but I'm not sure how to turn on the auto rebuild. Also, will a manual consistency check help if the array is in a critical state. We have had a lot of failed disks on several other machines with this configuration, usually with no media errors on the drives. HP tech says the Ultra3's need the new cable and firmware to run reliably with the Netraid 3si. So that is why we can usually get away with just reactivating the failed drive and rebuilding.

Re: Rebuild fail on NetRaid 3si

hi dear

can u give me some details? hows the disks configured?did u put all the hdd,s in a single RAID5?Did all the hdd,s have same firmware?How u have connected the 3 hdd,s - in a single cage or in two internal cages?(If u are using both cages change the cables to twisted type in both the cages)
U can enale autorebuild by gong to the netraid bios utility(by pressing control m)

In that select the option "Objects" followed by "Adapter" u can set the "Autorebuild on"in this menu.

Pls reply
Keith Gabel
Occasional Contributor

Re: Rebuild fail on NetRaid 3si

silly me - yes all 3 disks in one array raid 5. Single internal cage. The 2 original disks were upgraded to have the same firmware as the replacement disk. System runs fine on the degraded array but rebuild to new drive gets to 93% then fails.

Ok found autorebuild in NetRaid Express Tools, it was not in Netraid Assistant. thanks.
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Re: Rebuild fail on NetRaid 3si

"Also, will a manual consistency check help if the array is in a critical state."

How often do you do consistency checks?
try to do one every few months at least, especially considering your problem here.
This will really help prevent failures.

I've had simalar problems with and 3Si and RS/12, HP replaced all cabling to Ultra3
specs in all of our Array units. Older cabling can cause problems with Ultra3 drives.

Another tip, don't let anyone restart the server after a single failure. this can sometimes cause multiple drive failures such as this. My point: The 3Si upon restart resets the alarm state of the drives. Lights go green alarms stop and they often no longer indicate failed, simply back to ready. When the second drive fails the hot spare has been used previously and you're looking at one drive sitting there in a ready state?...
your drive failures may not have occured all at the same time.