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Recover data from broken 3 disk raid 5

NetServer LC 3 NetRai
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Recover data from broken 3 disk raid 5

NetServer LC 3 / NTserver 4.0
NetRaid (Megatrends) firmware A.03.20
Raid 5 (3 9.3GB drives)

Customer called caused one of the drives failed. When attempting to boot off of the remaining two system would bluescreen.

Customer purchased replacement drive and then called me. When I opened the Raid Management software I found a "ready" volume. All three drives were on-line. However I couldn't mount the volume and when attempting to try a repair install the OS would not recognize the volume, even though I did install the appropiate raid drivers.

At this point I booted with a seperate SCSI drive on the other bus and have the latest NetRaid Management software. It now shows three failed drives.

My goal is to try to recover some data which resided on this Raid. I didn't want to go too far on my pwn worring about permantly wiping out what data may be there?

Sooooo, How do I go about fixing or recovering Data from this RAID? Again the drives involved are two original and one "new" replacement.