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Recover from Logical Drive Failure

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Recover from Logical Drive Failure


I have had a logical drive failure.  The error states. "This logical drive has failed and cannot be used. All data on this logical drive has been lost."  However, I have the option to rebuild the logical drive in HP Array Configuration Utlity.  Will choosing to rebuild recover my data?  I am getting mixed answers when Googling. Here are some details:

* The OS is fine.  It is running on a separate RAID controller and array.

* The failed logical drive is running on an external HP MSA70 drive array connected to the server via a SAS cable.  The MSA70 has 15 drives in it and they are all dedicated to the failed logical drive.  Nothing else is setup on this MSA70.

* They do not have a backup of the data.

* HP Array Configuration Utility is not showing any of the physical disks as failed.

* I have run an ADUReport, but cannot paste it all here due to the 25,000 character limitation on posts.

Thank you for any help!


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Re: Recover from Logical Drive Failure

I assume you get a message like this when booting:


Select "F1" to continue with logical drives disabled
Select "F2" to accept data loss and to re-enable logical drives


I would first select F1, check the drives using SSA tool. If all drive are OK, boot again, select F2 and check your data.


This is probably the only chance.


BTW, it is careless to not to do any backups!

Hope this helps!

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