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Recovering from disk failure.

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Recovering from disk failure.

Hello, pls what should be done if one of the disks on a Raid 1 configuration fails.(hardware raid)and needs to be replaced.
Also i need advise for RAID 5 when one or two drives fails. Thanks.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Recovering from disk failure.


the required steps depend on the model of storage array - if you let us know what hardware is involved, I am sure we can give precise information. Else, you get overloaded with lots of advice that don't apply to your situation.

Same for a RAID-5 set. Some storage arrays will loose all data if two disks in a RAID-5 set fail. Others (e.g. the EVA) create separate failure domains and then it depends _which_ disks fail.

On a fully loaded EVA-5000 you can theoretically loose up to 30 disks at once, provided that each one is in a separate failure domain.