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Reduce Active hot spare on VA7410

Yuri Fomin

Reduce Active hot spare on VA7410

We have hp Virtual Array 7410.
Hot spare mode was set to Automatic and hot spare size was 66 Gb for RG1 and RG2.
We want to reduce hot spare size and add this size for real data.
After 'armmgr -h LargestDisk va' we don't see new values for Used for Active Hot Spare.
What is the sequence of actions for reducing hot spare size on VA7410?
Do we need manual rebuild for it?
Arend Lensen
Trusted Contributor

Re: Reduce Active hot spare on VA7410

Hotspare is just a reservation its not something physical in the array but is virtual. Reserving 66G for hotspare is a guarantee that the rebuild will complete after a 66G disk failed whatever you have for free space. When you do not have hotspare configured but 66G of free space left in that RG the rebuild will also complete. Its just a protection that too many space is configured to luns and so prevent a rebuild from completion.