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Redundancy in MSA 1000 Active-Active Controller

Martin Lukas
Occasional Contributor

Redundancy in MSA 1000 Active-Active Controller

Dear All,
we just implemented MSA1000 with Active-active controllers with firmware v7.00b1500.
in this environment we have 2 I/O Module, FC Switch 4/10q, 2 servers connected to the switch. We create 3 Luns and presented 2 Luns to server1 and presented 1 Lun to server 2.
We change the auto_path to manual and set preffered path for each Luns. We set Lun 1 and 2 to controller 1. Lun 3 to controller 2.

We see more information in ACU, In redundancy side, that is state redundancy path is failed. What is mean?

And I want to ask about redundancy concept in MSA1000 with active-active Controller. How its work?

Thank you for your help.

Martin Lukas
Kishore Kumar
Occasional Advisor

Re: Redundancy in MSA 1000 Active-Active Controller

This mode of operation requires a controller to have exclusive ownership of a storage volume before it can access it. Only the controller with ownership is allowed to access a specific storage volume. However, since different controllers may own different volumes both controllers can process host I/O requests simultaneously. The host is required to initiate an ownership change due to fail-over and fail-back scenarios and possibly during initialization at startup.