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Regarding Global hot spare in VA7410


Regarding Global hot spare in VA7410

I have few questions regarding allocation of space as global hot spare.

1)What are the criteria to be considered in creating GLOBAL HOT SPARE?what is the optimum amount of disk space to be allocated as GLOBAL HOT SPARE so that the performance of VA7410 could be optimum.

2)Example Disk allocation of 1xVA is like this.
Group 0: Data 165GB,HotStandby 66.7GB,Redundant 234GB,Unallocated 134GB

Group 1: Data 195GB,Hotstandby 66.7GB Redundant 243.16GB, Unallocated 95,9GB
There are so much disks unallocated.

Can we use this unallocated disk space to create new LUNs or can we add it for redundancy.