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Regarding the EVA 4/6/8x00 and SIM using SMI-S

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Regarding the EVA 4/6/8x00 and SIM using SMI-S

Regarding collaboration of EVA and SIM due to monitor the EVA environment such as drive fail that I configured. However, any errors and info hasn't noticed to SIM from EVA, even though EVA system appears in the storage device list of SIM and I can see the amount of drive capacity as a pie chart.

Here is software varsion and configuration info.

.Command view server:
- Command view 6.0
- SIM-S EVA 6.0
- WEBES 5.0
- CIMuser: admin0120 / (password)
This use is a member of HP storage admin group
- refer to HP SMI-S Support Matrix

.SIM server
- SMI5.1 SP1
- admin0120 / (password) which is a member of Administrators group

After issue the discovery, EVA showed up in All system list or Storage device list of SIM. ALthough the disk was removed, there is no alerts comes over.

Is there needed more setting or what else can I should do?
Your advice would be appreciated.


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Re: Regarding the EVA 4/6/8x00 and SIM using SMI-S

Hi Fujikn

Have you configured SNMP notification in Command View?

Go to System Options and you can select events to alert on via Event Notification and select the hosts to send alerts to via the Host Notification buttons. This has to be set individually for each EVA you have.