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Relation of FC60 and lun0

Lee Tae-kyung
Regular Advisor

Relation of FC60 and lun0

I have FC60.
The FC60 was configured as LUN0, LUN1.
I wonder if the data of LUN1 is safe when LUN0 is reconfigured.
Please, help me.

From Korean boy
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Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: Relation of FC60 and lun0

It is possible to replace an existing LUN. This operation unbinds the LUN, and then rebinds it using any new parameters specified. This is useful if you wish to change the settings of an existing LUN, such as its size or RAID level, using a single command.

LUN 0 is unique in that it must exist on the disk array to permit communication with the host.
If you want to alter LUN 0, you must use the replace command.

The main idea is that LUN 0 will continue to exist in case of using the replace command and it allows FC60 to commnuicate with the host without any problems but make sure you backup any important data on the LUN before you do it.

This is the best pratice and all that you have to do at all times.

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