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Re: Remote Web Console XP - Access Problem

Wilder Mellotto
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Remote Web Console XP - Access Problem

Recently we acquired a storage XP-1024 and are having trouble accessing Remote Web Console.

Locally the notebook (SVP) it accesses the Remote Web Console with a user "DKCMaintenance" with limited functions. Any other station accessing the network "http://IP" it asks username and password, which could not get any.

In documentation, we see the first time the Remote Web Console is accessed, it is requested password change, possibly think that occurred, and that does not have access to define LUN Auto LUN, install licenses, we can not manage the storage remotely.

Please tell me if it is possible to reset all passwords, or if there is a way to reinstall the product so I can reconfigure new users and passwords.

Thank you very much
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Re: Remote Web Console XP - Access Problem

Hi Wilder,

The RWC can be reset to default passwords. I have seen this done on the XP12000 / XP10000 arrays, so I would assume it would work also for the XP1024.

You will have to have the HP Storage Technology Center log in to the array to do this. This assume you are on support with HP. If not, I don't know what to tell you.

Good Luck,

"In Vino Veritas"
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Re: Remote Web Console XP - Access Problem

hi Wilder,
you can reset the remote web console password.
i report here the procedure we used on the XP24000, it should be the same on XP12000 and XP10000 but i never tested it.
on the svp server you should have a file named:

the first field is the username and the second field is the password encoded as md5(username+passwd)

the file should looks like this:

now you should generate a new hash. here the output from a linux terminal:
$ echo -n administratoradministrator | md5sum
5ed37d19cd95cba0c6759092efe81aa0 -

this is the hash you have to use to set the administrator password to "administrator"

backup the userlist.csv file and then overwrite the hash in the file with the one you have generated and try to login to the remote web console