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Remove 'Ready' Drive on Netraid 1Si

Patrick Tant_1
Occasional Contributor

Remove 'Ready' Drive on Netraid 1Si

E800 with 2x9.1Gb Ultra 3 drives mirrored. In my haste to add additional storage, I mistakenly added an 18gb drive to the array, not a 9.1gb drive. The 18gb drive was acknowledged by the card and netraid assistant. Drive is listed as 'ready' and can only be made into a 'hot swap spare'. Can I safely remove this drive ? If so, how do I get the card / other disks to forget about its existance ?

Any help appreciated.
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: Remove 'Ready' Drive on Netraid 1Si


You can safely remove this drive.
Don't need to do anything to let the netraid and other drives 'forget' about this drive, since it's not configured, it just disappears.

Good luck,