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Removing Second 4200 Prevents Boot

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Removing Second 4200 Prevents Boot

We have a 6400R with two 4200 controllers installed, one of which has no devices attached and so we want to remove it. Problem is that the server will no longer boot once the second controller is removed. There have never been any disks attached to this controller but it appears that it sees it as the primary controller.
Where can we change the con fig to point to the remaining controller to boot.

Many Thanks

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Removing Second 4200 Prevents Boot


During POST, you will see a message appear that directs you to press F10 to go into the Compaq Utilities. Once in the utilities, select System Configuration, then Configure Computer. At that point you should be at a screen that mentions that one 4200 controller has been removed from the configuration and that the boot order has automatically been changed. Choose Save and Exit at that point. The server will reboot. If you are still having the same problem. Go back into the System Configuration, this time choose "review or modify" instead of "save and exit". Scroll down to the 4200 controller and change the boot order to first. Then save and exit and you should be all set.

On all Compaq servers, you should always run the F10 system configuration when adding or removing boards.

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