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Removing enclosures from EVA 5000

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Carl Karcher

Removing enclosures from EVA 5000

Is there any way to remove enclosures from an EVA 5000 while online? I have 8 (out of 16) enclosures with one ungrouped drive in each of them. I need the power and the drives for another EVA that I'm migrating to (8100).

I tried powering off the last enclosure and it will eventually complain about that enclosure being missing.
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Removing enclosures from EVA 5000


You would need to remove the shelf totally from the loop switches, and possibly reboot the EVA once all the shelves are removed.

Assuming you will eventually remove the EVA5000 from service, I probably would not worry about rebooting it. The EVA is complaining mainly since it knows about the drive. Even though it is ungrouped, it thinks it's a failure so will complain.

My suggestion... remove the ungrouped disks, then remove the shelves. If the migration is going to be a short period of time, then deal with the warnings, otherwise reboot the eva.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
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Re: Removing enclosures from EVA 5000

no, the disk enclosure online removal is not supported. It needs to be removed offline (with EVA powered off) to avoid all possible fake EMU reporting...
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