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Removing shells from EVA8400

Occasional Contributor

Removing shells from EVA8400

We need to shrink an EVA8400.

Currently we have 20 shelfs with 2 in a separate rack.

We have the capacity to move the disks from these shelfs by ungrouped them one at a time and re grouping them in the rack that is staying.

The question I have is as follows.


Is there a way of non disruptively removing the shelves from a drive loop?

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Removing shells from EVA8400

I wonder if many have actually done this.


I think this is the kind of activity that would benefit out a lot if you make a picture/diagram of how everything looks and how you want to do it.

One idea (and between every step, make sure the array is stable):


  1. ungroup all the disks in the disk shelf you want to take out
  2. disconnect one i/o module
  3. wait a bit and then connect the cables to the enclosures below/above
  4. do the same for the other i/o module
  5. repeat for other enclosures 

This requires that the cabling used between the enclosures is long enough to span more than one shelf in the interim period. 


I find this procedure quite risky. Be sure to have firmware up to date as well.
Would you consider getting an HP engineer out to do the move? It would make me feel safer anyway.
I assume that the whole job would take quite a long time so I guess it would be pretty pricey.