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Replace 9GB (raid1) with 18GB (raid1)

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Replace 9GB (raid1) with 18GB (raid1)

My config : 2 x 9GB in RAID1
I would like to change them with 2 x 18GB
What I DO:
1. I change one HD 9GB by 18 GB --> Rebuild
2. idem with second HD --> Rebuild
I have now a raid1 (9GB) on 18 GB HD --> 2 x 9GB unallocated
3. I try to extend the logical drive but I received a message saying that my controller doesn't support this !! (Last Softpaq for all that can be flashed)
How can I extend the logical drive ?? Is-it possible ?
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Replace 9GB (raid1) with 18GB (raid1)

Yes logical extension is possible, If you replace the 9GB drives with 18 GB and let it rebuild you will only rebuild to the 9GB and have 9GB left on the 18GB drive, then u could create a new logical drive.. If you are receiving "controller doesn't support this " then there are a couple of possibilities,
1> your array controller firmware, system Rom and ACU versions are not all up to date. If the ACU is older then the system or the array controllers firmware then this can happen, to be sure update all firmware and our latest W2k support paq from our website.
2> Confirm on post this is a 5300 controller not a 532.
3 > Run the ADU (array dig Utility) and see if there are any errors.
4> try booting off the Smart Cod and run the array configuration from there..
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