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Replace RS8 for RS12

Pam Woolverton
Occasional Visitor

Replace RS8 for RS12

Hello all,

Can someone please explane how to replace a RS8 for a RS12?

I have hot a LPR server which has got a RS8 and a RS12 attatched to it. Both have raid5 config. I want to upgrade the RS8 to RS12. I ca move the data on the RS8, no problem there. But what will happen if I take out the RS8 and put in the RS12? Will all raid configurations be lost? I really do not know how to work with the config tool (CTRL M, when booting the server). know that I have to create the new raid5 in the new RS12. But I will get the question to update the raid config. Will this delete all the other raid configs there? We have a raid 1 and two raid 5 in there.

My fear is loosing the raid config when replacing the cabinets and reconfiguring them. I want to keep the other raids as they are. Is that possible?

Many thanks,

Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace RS8 for RS12


This can be quite tricky...
Do you want the configuration on the new RS12 to be equal to the configuration on the RS8?
I mean the same RAID configuration with the same number of disks?

The first thing to do is make a backup of the current RAID configuration.
You can do this with Netraid Assistant.
Either run it from NT4 or Win2K or boot from Navigator CD, start RAID utility and select File, Save Configuration.
Save it to a Floppy and not to your harddisk!
If something goes wrong, then you can always go back to your old, known good, configuration.

Just let me know the answer to the first question and I can create a sort of ??cookbook??.

Diana Thompson
Frequent Advisor

Re: Replace RS8 for RS12


We can better answer your question if you will give us the current configuration on the RS/8 and RS/12. Please do so in the manner below.

CH 0 - RS/??
ID 0 - A?-? online
ID 1 - A?-? online

continuing on thru all disks attached to the NetRAID card.

Then we need to know if you need to duplicate the array config that is currently on the RS/8 on the new RS/12.

You are aware that the drives in the RS/8 will not transfer to the RS/12.

Pam Woolverton
Occasional Visitor

Re: Replace RS8 for RS12

I'm not sure how my name for on this question as it is signed by someone else.