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Replace bad HDD in RAID 5

Todd Lilley
Occasional Advisor

Replace bad HDD in RAID 5

Hello All;

I have a Proliant DL380 G4 running a
Smart Array 6i in RAID 5 with (3) 36.4 GB SCSI Ultra320 drives. I have a red light on the drive in the 0 slot and the ADU doesn’t see the drive at all.

This is a domain controller so I’m a little hesitant on just yanking out the bad drive and inserting another drive and hoping for the best. I have another DL380 with the same HW config and same type of drives that we’re using as a test server. I’d like to take one of the drives out of the test server and replace the bad drive in my DC. However, the test server is also running a RAID 5.

My questions:
What is the best way to replace the failed drive?
Can someone let me know or point me to a site that explains the process?
Will the RAID 5 on the test server drive interfere with rebuilding the RAID 5 in the DC?

Any help would be great.


Occasional Visitor

Re: Replace bad HDD in RAID 5

The drives are hot swappable. Just give it the hook and replace with a new/used drive, it (the card) will rebuid it automagically.

PS - You could just try reseating it first and see if that helps. This can be done live as well. Also, you can add a hot spare for the belt/suspenders approach. Good luck.
Duane Lawson
Occasional Visitor

Re: Replace bad HDD in RAID 5

I pretty much had the same ordeal
I removed the bad drive - purchased brand new on and installed drive just sits there

Ran array utility and it says LOGICAL DRIVE 1 STATUS = READY FOR RECOVERY I'm not sure what to do next?

Someone at Hp said to shutdown the server put new drive in and boot up it would rebuild itself Is this True?

Thanks in advance