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Replace disks in MSA500

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Marta Gomez
Occasional Advisor

Replace disks in MSA500

Hi everybody,

I've got a problem.
I've expanded an array of an MSA500 (8 x 36Gb disks) with 2 disk of 72Gb. Then i realized that i only see 36Gb of each 72Gb disk.

I would like to free space from luns until 72 Gb and remove one disk from the array. But I think that there are not possibility to do that.

So I'm wondering if, as i have all luns in raid 5, i can get out a 72Gb disk physically (as it was broken) and put a 36Gb disk to replace it, wait until rebuild, and do the same with the second disk.

Can someone tell me if this could be a good idea?

Thanks in advanced.
Glenn N Wuenstel
Valued Contributor

Re: Replace disks in MSA500

That will work fine. You will be "exposed" during the rebuild, so if you choose to go this route I'd suggest a couple of things.
First, set the rebuild priority to HIGH. Second, if possible, stop all I/O to the system during rebuild -- at least reduce as much as possible.
After rebuild don't forget to set the rebuild priority back to MEDIUM.