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Replace failed path on EVA 4400

Dave Chamberlin
Trusted Contributor

Replace failed path on EVA 4400

Greetings. I have an EVA440 with dual controllers, each with redundant fiber connection, direct attached to rp7420. One fiber channel on dual channel card has failed on the server. Question - can I add redundant cards and switch to one of them or must I replace at the exact same hdwe address? I would like to be able to recover a link to another device without having to open up the server. thanks

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace failed path on EVA 4400

Hey, well, you have the 'hosts' in Command View. In them I believe you have the WWN for the HBA port. pWWN. I don't think you have the node WWN in there, but if you do then moving the cable to the other port would not require any configuration on the array side.

If it is the pWWN, and you move the cable to the other port, then you need to add the new pWWN on a host in Command View.