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Replacing 18 GB drives with 72 GB drives

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Replacing 18 GB drives with 72 GB drives


I've a ProLiant 6400R with a 14 slot external shelf (4214?) partially filled with disks. All disks are mirrored. Right now I've a G: drive with 18GB disks. I'd like to remove the 18GB drives and replace them with 72 GB drives.

How do I find out the version of smart array 4200 firmware?

Can I:
1. Add the two new 72 GB drives as N: with the ACU in currently empty slots?
2. Delete the share on the 18 GB drives,
3. Copy the data from the 18 to 72 GB drives,
4. Check the data on the 72 GB drive,
5. Shutdown,
6. Remove the 18GB drives,
7. Move the 72 GB drives to the slots where the 18 GB drives were,
8. Reboot,
9. Rename the 72 GB drives from N: to G:? and
10. Re-share the G: drive?

If necessary I can use DLT tape to transfer data.

Jim Jelke