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Replacing Integrated Smart Array 5i

Jim Colley_1
Occasional Contributor

Replacing Integrated Smart Array 5i

The motherboard on one of my DL380G3's needs to be replaced. The Smart Array 5i is integrated on this machine. How do I save the controller configuration so I do not lose my array and data??

Re: Replacing Integrated Smart Array 5i


a copy of array configuration is stored on EACH hard drive. So do not worry. Simply plug old disks to the server with new motherboard/raid, raid controller will read array configuration from disks, and will work without problems.

Just make sure that you keep setup-defined controller order (if 5i is first controller, make sure it is first controller on the new motherboard).

Jorge Pons
Trusted Contributor

Re: Replacing Integrated Smart Array 5i


The compatibility with another compaq scsi controllers is total. The information also is in the header of disks, you don??t have any problem, but you must have a full backup.