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Re: Replacing battery Pack Smart Array 641/642 Controller

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Replacing battery Pack Smart Array 641/642 Controller



We have HP StorageWorks 20 Modular Smart Array in which, through hpacucli we saw message about failed battery:


MSA20 in E058MLJ1B1
   Bus Interface: SCSI
   Serial Number: XXXXXXXXXX 
   Chassis Serial Number: XXXXXXXXXX

[@mzv - For your security, I have removed the serial number from your post above - that's information you probably don't want to make publicly available.]
   Chassis Name: E058MLJ1B1
   RAID 6 (ADG) Status: Enabled
   Controller Status: OK
   Chassis Slot: 2
   Hardware Revision: Rev A
   Firmware Version: 2.06
   Cache Board Present: True
   Cache Status: Temporarily Disabled
   Drive Write Cache: Enabled
   Total Cache Size: 112 MB
   No-Battery Write Cache: Disabled
   Chassis Slot 2 Battery Info
      Cache Backup Power Source: Batteries
      Battery/Capacitor Count: 2
      Battery/Capacitor Status: Failed (Replace Batteries)
      Failed Battery Location: Battery 1
      Failed Battery Location: Battery 2
   Host Bus Adapter Slot: 4
   Host Bus Adapter Port: 1
   SATA NCQ Supported: False


We bought battery pack HP 274779-001 (307132-001) 3.6V 500mAh Ni-MH Battery Pack for Smart Array 641/642 Controller and inserted it into controller, but we also have error message.

what I'm doing wrong




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Re: Replacing battery Pack Smart Array 641/642 Controller



I seems , that the both batteries are defect ( in the msa 20 ).  This modell has two different batteries .


307132-001 – battery (MSA Battery #1)
349799-001 – battery plus holder kit (MSA Battery #2)


You can check the following hp doc .








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