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Replacing disk in a model 30 array

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Replacing disk in a model 30 array


I have an HP11 Model 30 array, with 2 bad disk in it. The equipment was handed down to us. Can I replace the disk simply by pulling the bad ones out and inserting the new ones with out shutting anything down? I know which ones need replacing.

Jon Mattatall
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Replacing disk in a model 30 array

Yes, you can.
The only problem you might have depends on how it was configured - if both disks in a mirror set have failed, for example.

But you can just pull and replace the array drives if they're bad. Use SAM / Grid Manager to examine the LUN setup.
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Pete Randall
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Re: Replacing disk in a model 30 array


I believe the Model 30 is the successor to the Model 20, which I was familiar with. Based on that assumption, I would say yes, just pull the bad drive and replace with the new. However, I would do just one at a time. When you first insert the new drive you should see the activity lights start flasing as the drive starts rebuilding (I'm also assuming that it is part of some sort of RAID configuration). Wait for the rebuild to finish before replacing the second drive.

It's possible that both drives were part of the same RAID configuration, like both halves of a RAID 0/1 mirrored pair, or two pieces of a RAID 5 setup, and it may not be possible for the RAID configuration to recover your data. In that case you'll need to rebuild the LUN's and restore.


Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: Replacing disk in a model 30 array

Yes you can, the disks are hot pluggable.

Model 20 and Model 30 High Availability Disk Arrays
Offering the addition of RAID protection and additional capacity, these HP disk arrays are a step up from the simple HASS: Key features:

â ¢ Hot pluggable components for ease of maintenance.
â ¢ Supports 20 (model 20) or 30 (model 30) drives.
â ¢ Supports 4.2 GB, 8.8 GB or 17.8 GB drives.
â ¢ Fibre channel interface standard on the Model 30 provides transfer rates of up to 100 MB/s.

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Re: Replacing disk in a model 30 array


I did forget to mention they are raid 5, and in 2 differnt luns. Sorry.

Thanks for the info, I just get a bit 'gun shy' when I have just looked at this equipment yesterday, cause we did not do any of the orginal setup.
And I was not sure if it would just auto build the disk back, knowing it was back to being a 'good' one.