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Replacing disks in HSG80/EMA enviroment


Replacing disks in HSG80/EMA enviroment

What is the best practice for replacing a failed disk in an HSG80/EMA enviroment. Is it neccessary to Quiesce the channel the drive is on? How does this effect the production data flow, suppose members of a mirror set are on the same channel? I have been replacing disks without doing this, so long as no rebuilding is going on and the drive is in the failedset. I have had no problems.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing disks in HSG80/EMA enviroment

>>> Is it neccessary to Quiesce the channel the drive is on

Is not, according to the service guide:

Disk drive hot swapping is supported only if the following conditions are met:

Array controllers are not engaged in Failover or Failback.

Array controllers are not running a local utilities such as DILX or VTDPY.

The array controller CLI prompt is accessible (not while a previous CLI
command is being processed).

If the disk drive being removed or replaced is physically moved to a new port
or target location on the same array controller, you must wait a minimum of
60 seconds before re-inserting device into its new location.

If the array controller is in the process of recognizing or processing one or
more hot disk drive insertions, the array controller must be allocated enough
time to do proper device discovery for both operations. The busier the array
controller, the longer the waiting time should be. (One disk drive at a
timeâ waiting 60 seconds between physical removal or replacement

Do not remove a device from a unit that is under load (including
reconstruction and initialization). If you want to remove a device from a unit,
you must reduce the RAIDset or mirrorset and delete the diskxxxxx
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