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Replacing existing drives with larger disc

Kirk Perilloux
Occasional Visitor

Replacing existing drives with larger disc

My apoligizes if this question has been asked already, but I didn't find it.

I have Netserver LXPro 6/166 with 12 4.3 gig drives configured as 2 raid 5 sets and one hot spare.

I want to replace these drives with 18GB drives. Can I do this without destroying my raid set?

What I would like to do is replace these drives one by one over a period of time after each rebuild. The expand the raid set. Is this possible?

Maarten van Maanen
Regular Advisor

Re: Replacing existing drives with larger disc

Should be possible without any problems but..
Make sure however you have the latest software-update set for your RAID-controller. Also, make sure you have a full backup first and I would certainly try it first using the hotspare on the first try. That is, after full backup, remove on of the current disks and see if the RIAD will do the rebuild on the hot-spare correctly and without giving errors. Only after that would I try replacing the disks.
Josee Bourget-Thuma
Frequent Advisor

Re: Replacing existing drives with larger disc


I'm not RAID expert but I'm assuming you are using some type of array. It's my understanding that you can always trade a smaller disk for a bigger one but not without losing the extra space. In other words, your new disk will be treated as 4GB. Maybe not all arrays behave this way however.

What about exporting the volumes you have on each set, one set at a time, bind the new set and then import the volumes? You could then expand the various volumes as needed.

As for doing it while running, I would try putting the new 18GB disk in one of the hot spare location and see if it comes online without error.

I'm curious how you'll resolve this. Please keep us posted.
Good luck!
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