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Replacing faulty drive

Jim Hogan_2
Occasional Contributor

Replacing faulty drive

I have an ML350 G4 with a Smart Array 641. It is set as a Raid 5 (4 disks plus 1 spare). One of the four disks is reporting a prefailure status and needs to be changed. I have not done this before and since this is my mail server want to be very careful. What exactly do I do? If I do this hot, won't the spare start to be configured once I pull the faulty drive out and before I insert the replacement? Do I power down first or just swap it out? Any instructions and help would be appreciated.
Marek Nelec
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing faulty drive

You can do it without any downtime. After removing the faulty drive, spare drive will be automatically activated, and the rebuild process will be started. After installing the new drive, and when rebuild process finished, the data from spare drive will be moved to the replaced drive, and after the spare drive will assume it's role as a spare again.