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Replacing mirrored drives

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Replacing mirrored drives

I want to replace my 2 mirrored 9GB drives on my Compaq ML330 server. I would like to replace them with 2 18GB drives. If I replace 1 drive and have the data rebuild on the new drive then replace the 2nd drive with another 18gb will the full capacity of the drives be usable when the 2nd new drive is installed?
Greg Carlson
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Re: Replacing mirrored drives


This doesn't work because when the controller rebuilds the data onto the new 18gb hdd, its still configured as a 9gb array. You can't expand the existing array onto the free space after you rebuild both drives onto the 18gb drives, they will still show as a 9gb array.

The only way to do what your talking about would be create a new array and restore from tape.

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Uwe Zessin
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Re: Replacing mirrored drives

some SmartArray controllers will give you the additional space at the end of the disk array after the rebuild for the second disk drive has completed. I can't tell for the ML330, but you don't have much to loose except for some time. Just make a backup before you rip out the first disk.

If you find out that it did not work you can still go the backup, recreate array, restore route.

Good luck and please let us know if it worked for you.