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Repost: MSA500 G2 with Win 2008; or upgrade path?

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Repost: MSA500 G2 with Win 2008; or upgrade path?


I posted the following several days ago and got no reply, probably because none of you guys have much experience with Win 2008 yet, especially not with clustering.

So let's take this problem a different way - is there any good way to research what HP hardware is compatible with Win 2008 and clustering? There's a general white paper but are there other resources I could look at? Or is there a better place to ask this question?

Also, I asked about the best current upgrade path from an MSA500 G2. Surely somebody on this list can provide good advice about that; it's not really a Win 2008 specific question!


Original post:

I have a working Windows 2003 cluster which consists of a MSA500 G2 with the HA kit, attached to two DL380 G5 servers. I have all 14 disks installed which for now gives me plenty of storage.

Windows 2008 documentation says it has stopped supporting certain types of SCSI shared storage for clustering, but I can't figure out if this applies to the MSA500 G2.

Can I upgrade my cluster to Windows 2008? Is the MSA500 G2 supported? (I know I can access the MSA500 G2 from Windows 2008 in a non-clustered environment, but the clustering requirements are much stricter).

If not, could I upgrade by purchasing the kit that upgrades an MSA500 G2 to an MSA1000? I.e., is the MSA1000 supported for Windows 2008 clustering?

Is this a cost-effective option, or should I look at replacing the MSA500 G2 with one of HP's newer MSA boxes? (I don't need more capacity at the moment and I'm assuming I could transfer over the SCSI disks - I'm just looking for the right upgrade path to get to Windows 2008.)

I would appreciate any advice on the best upgrade path for my situation.

Mike Gilbert
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Re: Repost: MSA500 G2 with Win 2008; or upgrade path?


good question

let me try more research as you say too

but to start check this

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Re: Repost: MSA500 G2 with Win 2008; or upgrade path?

Hi Karlo,

Thanks for the pointer to that other post. Neither of the guys in that post really sound like they are sure about what they are talking about, but they are implying (as I suspect) that the MSA500 G2 isn't supported by Win 2008 clustering. If I get a chance and if you don't find the answer in documentation I'll test that on the hardware.

I'm pretty sure Win 2008 clustering DOES support the MSA1000 because it's Fibre. You can upgrade the MSA500 to the MSA1000 just by replacing the controllers and various other parts. But there are a lot of new HP storage arrays for sale that would be able to use the same disks. Is the MSA1000 still the best upgrade option or would one of the newer disk arrays be a viable and maybe preferable option if I have to upgrade anyway?

Thanks for looking into my issue. I gave you partial credit just for the link to the other relevant posting!
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Re: Repost: MSA500 G2 with Win 2008; or upgrade path?

OK cool try and let us know

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: Repost: MSA500 G2 with Win 2008; or upgrade path?


As for HP, MSA500G2 is not supported for Windows 2008 clustering.
MSA500 G2 Compatability Guide doesnt show any info about it.
There is not a Smart Array Multipath Software out there that could work for Windows 2008

So, even if you make it work it wont be supported by HP.

That being said, you can upgrade to a MSA1000 which is fully supported for Windows 2008 Microsoft Cluster Services

In order to convert the MSA500 G2 to a FC SAN, simply remove the MSA Controller(s) and replace them with MSA1000 Controller(s) (218231-B22) and add FC I/O module(s) (218960-B21) or FC Switch(es) (288247-B21).

There is a MSA1000 High Availability Upgrade Kit for Windows. Part # 353804-B21. Designed as an upgrade for the MSA500 G2, this includes (1) redundant controller; (1) MSA SAN Switch 2/8; (2) FCA2214 HBAs; cables plus a ProLiant HA/F200 kit with Secure Path for two servers. in your case i guess you will need 2 extra FC-HBAs.

please refer to following link for more info. pag 13


Is this a cost-effective option??? well thats your call. If you are not planning to grow capacity at the moment and you want to save some bucks.. IMHO this will be ur best option.

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Re: Repost: MSA500 G2 with Win 2008; or upgrade path?

Hi Gio,

Thanks for the specific references and part numbers. I learned a lot.

You mention that Win 2008 isn't referenced in the MSA500 G2 compatibility matrix. Of course, that matrix hasn't been updated since 2007, and the main HP Cluster Configuration page doesn't even suggest that HP supports Win 2008 clustering at all! (http://h18004.www1.hp.com/solutions/enterprise/highavailability/answercenter/configuration-all.html).

It's frustrating that the HP web site hasn't been updated for Win 2008 server in most places; the lack of info doesn't really tell you what is or is not supported, which is why I posted to this forum.

However, on further research, the MSA500 G2 is definitely NOT supported for Win 2008 clustering. There's a footnote about packaged clusters to that effect in the HP manual about installing Win 2008 on Proliant servers http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00710606/c00710606.pdf.

The MSA1000 is supported by Win 2008. However it's now a discontinued product which gives one pause (although the related packaged cluster is still for sale). The good news is that the MSA500 to MSA1000 upgrade parts are selling very cheaply around the web now.

The best option for long-term growth appears to be the MSA2012fc. In fact, HP has just introduced a new packaged cluster which uses the MSA2012fc and explicitly supports Win 2008, so that's the best solution in HP's judgment too.
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Re: Repost: MSA500 G2 with Win 2008; or upgrade path?

ok.. Im glad I could help.

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