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Resizing LUNs on va7110

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Jesse Delk
Frequent Advisor

Resizing LUNs on va7110

I have four LUN'c
0 - 50mb
1 - 160Gb
2 - 55Gb
3 - 60Gb

Using CommandView is there a way take space from LUN 1 and add it to LUN 3 online? All LUNs have data so I cannot remove them and rebuild.
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Resizing LUNs on va7110

Hi Jesse,

the VA7xxx's do not allow to resize LUNs, it's a backup data/delete LUN and create new LUN/restore data scenario.

If you have enough free space available in your array ( or if you just need a little bit more space you can temporary disable the active hotspare) you could create a additional LUN and use that to move data to if you need to keep the LUN number the same for the LUN you want to extend.


Jesse Delk
Frequent Advisor

Re: Resizing LUNs on va7110

I was afraid that was the answer.

Nguyen Anh Tien
Honored Contributor

Re: Resizing LUNs on va7110

Resizing VA 7110, VA7100, VA7400, VA7410 LUN is impossible. If you want to extend one or more lv for your server . Let do like this.

Backup data, backup vg config file
Create LUNs
Extend vg0x
Extend lv
Export vgx map, copy to other nodes (Cluster environment)
Import vgmap at other nodes(Cluster environment)

I have same case as your (but on VA7400) Attached file is my detail plan.
HP is simple