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Restore RAID 1 after replacing CMOS battery

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Restore RAID 1 after replacing CMOS battery

I have a Proliant ML310 G3 with RAID 1. I just replaced the CMOS battery and rebooted and now the RAID is not recogonized. I missed the key to reconfigure. Now I have multiple drive letters with duplicate data. I could go into the SATA embedded utility and enable RAID, but there is a warning message of data loss. I am backing up data now, but need to know the correct way to undue my stupid mistake. My guess is that I could rebuild the array by simply enabling the SATA RAID controller. Thanks for help.
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Re: Restore RAID 1 after replacing CMOS battery

The warning message is a precautionary measure. Its good that you have backed up your data because any one over here would have suggested the same. You can enable the RAID and in most of the cases it will re-initialize without destroying the data. At least that will save you time from rebuilding the box.