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Restoring Array from backup

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Restoring Array from backup

Have a Compaq Proliant ML 530. I had a drive go bad on the second array, when I replaced the drive it failed to rebuild due to errors found on another drive before it. So I was told that I had to replace both drives and restore the data from backup. OK no problem I thought until I went and looked at the Array config ( I attached screen shots). So if I'm looking at this right both arrays share space for Vol1, Vol2, and SYS volumes. If I remove the array B and recreate it with new drives will I still be able to boot up the netware server so I can then restore the data? Am I missing something? Thanks this is the first time I will be attempting to do this.
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Re: Restoring Array from backup

Hi Lionelc,
Arrays will be created will contain seperate physical disks. If you remove the Array B, the logical volumes in that array will be removed.

Please note that if you have mirrored volumes setup across the Arrays( A&B) you will have to rely on the Array 'A', till the rebuild process is complete.

All the best!