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SA 6404 - 256mb cache and MSA 30- 14 drives

Brian Howard_2
Occasional Contributor

SA 6404 - 256mb cache and MSA 30- 14 drives

I am creating two volumes in lab for Netware 6.5 on a SA 6404 with MSA 30 - fully populated using Raid ADG with 2 hot spares. Real enviroment is a another Proliant Dl 380 with same controller. Already has two Netware NSS volumes on that box. I will be adding the MSA 30 to one of the external channels of the real 6404 controlkler. Do I have to recreate the drives using CPQONLIN on the real 6404 for the raid ADG again, or will it automatically see those drives in order for me to create the partitions and volumes on the real box. My guess is that since the raid config gets written out to the controller, the real 6404 doesn't know anthing about the new drives and I will have to configure it again.My idea was to have the drives pre-configured and one less thing to do in CPQONLIN when onsite. Any suggestions would be helpful, Thanks.
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Re: SA 6404 - 256mb cache and MSA 30- 14 drives

Hello Brian,

I suppose the raid information is on the disks rather than the controller,else you would have to rebuild the server in most array controller failures.

Afaik, 6404 real should read the ADG setup.