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SA5302 / 4354R dual channel probs


SA5302 / 4354R dual channel probs


sorry for the double post (I had this posted in the business support forums but I'm not sure if that was the right place).

Here is the problem:

After having installed a 5302 and a 4314R disk enclosure successfully the other day (see other thread), I got bold and tried to install something similar in my own server.

I used a (new!) COMPAQ SmartArray 5302 controller and a 4354R dual channel disk enclosure with 14 disks (36 GB each, 10K). Server is a Supermicro S370-DE6 board with 2 PIII/1000 and 4 GB of reg ECC RAM, 2 SCSI 160 channels onboard and 2 on a 39160 card.

When I tried to boot the machine up with both channels of the 5302 connected, it hung before it initialized its video card and its keyboard interface (all keyboard LEDs lit, no video).

Since I did learn something from the last time, I first tried to change the VHDCI cables for the array connections. I tried 6 of them without success.

Second try was to boot up with only 1 channel connected - no problem, I could see 7 of the drives and create an RAID5 array.

When I tried to boot up with the other channel connected, I could see the other 7 drives and create another RAID5 array.

So the controller must be ok on both channels, the enclosure must be ok on both channels and the cables must be ok, or so I think.

I then had another go at both channels - no chance. Server hung with keyboard LEDs lit and no video.

What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?

Thx in advance


here is an update:

Today, I tried adding a second 5302, using it for the second channel of the 4354R. Same result!

I tried every possible combination of 5302s, channels, cables to no avail.

Then I did something one wouldn't usually do: I started the machine with only one channel connected and added the second cable as soon as the keyboard interface had initialized. THIS WORKED EVERY TIME! With one controller, two controllers, second channel on the first controller (together with the first channel), second channel on the second controller ...

So now I have it up and running, but this is no real solution, of course. Especially as this would require some serious work in my 19" server enclosure at each and every boot time (since I can't open the enclosure at the back). And I don't know how all the components would react if they are hot-plugged many times.

Please HELP!


To add to the confusion, I have noticed that at about every 30th try the machine WILL cold start with both channels connected.