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SA641 Configuration

Christos Palaontas
Occasional Contributor

SA641 Configuration

During the configuration of an SA641 controller I get the option to enable or Disable MaxBoot. What will be the correct setting if the installed OS will be Windows 2003 Server
Felipe Martinez
Frequent Advisor

Re: SA641 Configuration


Use Disable MaxBoot for Windows 2003.

When MaxBoot is enabled, 63 sectors are
used per track instead of 32. This increased number of sectors allows a larger boot partition for
operating systems such as Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 that use cylinders, heads, and sectors of a
physical drive to determine the drive size. It also enables you to create a larger logical drive or
increase the logical drive size (extend it) at a later time.
Logical drive performance is likely to decrease with MaxBoot enabled.