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SAM Error upon viewing the VGs

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SAM Error upon viewing the VGs

Hi everyone,

Upon using SAM to view the VGs, weve encountered this error:

The command used to retrieve information about HP SureStore VirtualArray has failed. The stderr is shown below.
The command /opt/sanmgr/commandview/client/sbin/armdsp, did not provide the Serial Number and/or the Business Copy Lun information for device file /dev/dsk/c17t0d0.
The command /opt/sanmgr/commandview/client/sbin/armdsp exited with
the following error:
Failed to open target localhost@null:Error logging in: TIMEOUT
Please be sure that the array software utilities have been properly installed and the device file exists.
The Array and its LUNs will be displayed, but dual paths will not be collapsed and the business copy luns will not be identified.

Any idea on how to resolve this?
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Re: SAM Error upon viewing the VGs

try installing this patch and its dependencies :

PHCO_35520 : s700_800 11.11 cumulative SAM patch


PHCO_31879 : s700_800 11.00 cumulative SAM/ObAM patch
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Re: SAM Error upon viewing the VGs

Try it first without SAM:

# armdsp -a

# armdiscover

Hope this helps!

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