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SAN appliance V2.1, EVA5000

Super Advisor

SAN appliance V2.1, EVA5000

I have some question about SAn appliance.

1. Is it possible to enter the SMA to the Domain of Windows?

2. A customer require to install antivirus in the SMA because it is connected to the Net. Is it able to do that?

3. Can we change the configuration of the SNMP of the SMA so that it fulfills the norms of the customer requirement ? Additional, with the intention that the team can send and to receive traps toward HP System Insigth Manager.

Thank you
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: SAN appliance V2.1, EVA5000

1) Yes.

2) See document AA-RTD3B-TE. It is available fromthe link that John Ruffo gave you in another thread.

3) You can change the SNMP configuration of the SMA, but I don't know the customers requirement.
Tom O'Toole
Respected Contributor

Re: SAN appliance V2.1, EVA5000

Not sure what you mean by 'the net' (please tell me you don't mean 'the internet'!)... Personally, I would be leery about even putting it on a company-wide intranet. If at all possible, put it on a private network. You are not supposed to install standard M$ security patches unless they have been vetted by HP:

Can you imagine if we used PCs to manage our enterprise systems? ... oops.